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Thieves and liars beware

January 23, 2020

They’ve stolen over $2,500 in Bitcoin Private awhile back when they said they would honor the coin when it changed names. Well, they didn’t and they removed it from my wallet as well as any trace of me depositing it. I was injured and hospitalized and lost some memory and it took me forever to even remember I had a Tradesatoshi account . After I figured it out it took me forever to remember my user and password. Once I finally got in they apparently left the U.K. in a hurry and opened up in Hong Kong and locked out many users. Sent in a ticket to update my profile for KYC and they respond something like, Sorry, we don’t cater to request to update KYC data. They also won’t let me withdraw my current funds . A class action lawsuit is needed as thousands of users are in the same boat.


very nice

July 17, 2018

Their support is very helpfull


Keeps on Improving

July 17, 2018

More features are added to cater the needs of small time traders like me… and fast support response too!!!



July 17, 2018




July 2, 2018

I like Tradesatoshi, because it is too easy, with low fees. Also now it has ETH base market and trollbox . woooww. i like it too much


Ethereum market got released on tradesatoshi!

July 2, 2018

So awesome that an Ethereum market got added onto tradesatoshi, they used to have a btc market, doge market, ltc market, usdt market, bch market, and now a eth market too! Server speed has also improved recently.


Good exchange for day trading

June 29, 2018

This is a pretty good exchange for day trading, even though the servers lag a lot of time, its worth it because there are nice price gaps to take advantage of, on many coins.


Slow support and slow site servers

April 3, 2018

Support team too slow with responding to issues. Servers way too slow, during rare times of “high trading volumes”, site constantly gives error messages and their site will not load.


New small exchange, nothing interesting

March 29, 2018

I’ve deposited 0.1 BTC to do arbitrage, and was left with small order that didn’t execute. The exchange went down for “maintenance” for next week, while price of coins continued to drop. later on I withdrew my money, but it was significantly less. I ended up net positive in this trade, but I wouldn’t trust this exchange with bigger money. They are still low liquidity, and they don’t offer any promotions to increase userbase.



Discover the pros and cons of TradeSatoshi below.


The Pros

  • Large Variety of Coins to Trade
  • Easy To Use
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Different Trading Markets
  • Good Trading Platform for New Traders


The Cons

  • Low Trade Volumes
  • New Registration Often Get Maxed Out
  • No Phone Support
  • No Troll Box
  • Often in Maintenance

TRADESATOSHICryptocurrency Markets

Traders have the ability to directly trade the coins below with a list of various altcoins.

Bitcoin (BTC)


Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Dogecoin (DOGE)


Frequently asked questions about TradeSatoshi

TradeSatoshi is known for being one of the trustable exchanges in 2018, however, the exchange has recently been experiencing issues.

TradeSatoshi has a USD market where USD can be directly traded with various altcoins.

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